28 September 2021 3pm UTC “USHAWISHI (INFLUENCE)” by Girls powerTz (Dar es salaam, Tanzania) dur 7min


“USHAWISHI (INFLUENCE)” by Girls powerTz

Girls Power Dance Group, is a Tanzanian base female dance group founded in 2017. The group was established to empower talented women who are willing to use their talent to convey message and make a living from art. As in Tanzania most of dance performances are represented by men groups, that was our main reason for us to make a female dance group (Girls power) to Inspire and encourage women to keep producing and creating new performances and art works that can have impact to our societies by educating through dance and address challenges which we are facing in our daily life individual and community.
In its short existence the group has performed and participated in festivals and events such as; Contemporary Dance Night organized by Nantea Dance Company, Wikiendi Live event organized by Nafasi Art Space, Time to Dance Festival organized by MUDA Africa and otherperformances in Dar es Salaaam, Tanzania.