30 JAN 2021 4pm UTC “AWÓLÓWÒ” by Yusuf Durodola (Lagos, NG) dur 60min

“AWÓLÓWÒ” by Yusuf Durodola

Awolowo Awolowo is an adaptability of two Yoruba words into one. The first, Awo, means unity, trust, and covenant. The second, \’lowo, stands for respect, value, and growth. Together, Awolowo means uniting as a continent which has strong faith in the talents (expertise) of Africans, respecting and appreciating the great value of the abundant biodiversity Africa has been blessed with. This is the way to truly advance as Africans: we have to build a solid relationship among ourselves and our environment. It\’s a covenant we have to sustain. Awolowo utilises an interrogative and expository approach in educating and spurring Africans to develop a collectively supportive \”believe\” attitude in the efficacy of the continent\’s herbal medicine. Most especially in a time of pandemic when the world is desperate for a cure.

Yusuf Durodola is a Lagos-based multidisciplinary Nigerian artist. Obtained a Nigeria Certificate in Education from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts, Federal College of Education (Technical) Akoka, Lagos, majoring in Painting and Graphics and obtained a degree in Visual Arts from University of Lagos, Nigeria. Yusuf is a prolific and versatile painter, graphic designer, art instructor, recycle, and video/performance artist. He took part in a residency programme, workshops, seminars, solo and group performances. His works are displayed in local and international private spaces and galleries. He belongs to many art organizations, and served as a resource person, moderator, creative director and facilitator for many art projects. He is a Guinness World Record Achiever (Largest Painting by Number) for Ecole de dessin, Lagos, Nigeria and won several awards to his credit. Since 2006 till date, he has worked as an art educator, especially for teenagers at different levels.