30 JULY 2021 7pm UTC “Flamingo Movement Study 3” by Catherine Berendsohn (Miami, US) dur 90min

“Flamingo Movement Study 3” by Catherine Berendsohn

This is a movement study of Flamingos at Zoo Miami as an act of discovery for the development of a dictionary of poses based off of their observed actions in their enclosure. This is an ongoing practice in which I observe, emulate, and channel their body movements, weight shifting, and forms and discover ways to translate this within the limitations of the human figure. These movement studies are ongoing, and by performing these actions it transforms my own figure as I strive to achieve greater alignment within my body and with the Flamingos present. This is an ongoing process that calls for greater acts of balance which I must work through over time to achieve the more difficult poses which the Flamingos practice with ease.

I am an artist from Miami, Florida. I have been an activist and campaign organizer for over eighteen years. My work focuses on the abuse of women and nature. I work to illustrate the importance of the Feminine Aspect of humanity. I have worked as a researcher and educator for some of Florida\’s preeminent museums such as Mission San Luis de Appalachee and the Deering Estate Museum at Cutler. I have worked with First Nation people and lead Ceremonies as part of the International Blue Flame Ceremony as the leader for Florida. I earned my Bachelor\’s degree from Florida State University in Studio Art. I am a drawer, painter, mixed media and digital artist. I have studied for my second Bachelor\’s degree at Florida International University as an Interdisciplinary Major. I have earned a Minor in Dance under Professor Pioneer Winter of the Pioneer Winter Collective.