4 JUNE 2021 4pm UTC “In the Court of Mustilli’s Farm” by mAEn (Naples, IT) dur 30min

“In the Court of Mustilli’s Farm” by mAEn

mAEn processes in any available space, using supports acoustic and digital, building their own performances on a minimal research concept. In this direction, ethnic materials and sound objects, self-made, commonly used, metals, woods, glass, plastics, that can be urged, are used in an open and experimental way. Use instead of the new technologies oered by digital tools tablet, phones, keyboards, pads, sequencer, contributes to the creation of a connected set in a key aesthetic and formal. The material mood integrates with the virtual one.

mAEn is an Italian anthropo-alchemic duo formed by Maurizio Chiantone and Enrico Pofi, Neapolitans. This strange transmutability of the two is the result of a continuous research on languages and the incredible world of sounds that surrounds them. Acoustic sparks and sound microclimates with and through which structures and new ways of creation are experimented regarding the relationship between man, media and technology. For a long time, their own kermesse rest on constant attention to the infinite possibility of combination and manipulation of the codes, which are the distinctive and transversal elements that compose them or the dynamic and creative potential connected to the production or implementation of an event.