5 MAR 2021 8pm UTC “6%” by Belen Robeda (Buenos Aires, AR) dur 15min

“6%” by Belen Robeda

6% talk about the issue of gender parity in terms of the presence of women in the field of art, so the title refers to the percentage of Spanish women in the last Arco fair: \”In the total number of artists represented at the ARCO18 fair, only 6% are Spanish female artists. Only 34% of the galleries present at ARCO are run by women. It could be because 80% of the members of the organizing committee of ARCO is made up of men? Is that why 71.4% of the ARCO Awards are assigned to male artists? \”(MAV, 2018) Both La Ribot and Trisha Brown had proposed non-phallocentric interpretations punctually in \”It’s a Draw\”, Trisha establishes dialogues between visual arts and acting and between horizontal and vertical planes. Trisha constantly plays with these drawings drawing-dancing, giving an audience that does not present the intimacy of the production of a work, essentially draws but that is not the goal, it moves and the drawings are a consequence of being in that plane. I am interested in this performance, since the artist uses drawing in dialogue with the body and it links it to a non-phallocentric story. In this sense, the project refers to this problem that continues to affect women artists today with the resources used by Trisha in \”It´s a Draw\”.

My full name is María Belén Robeda and I was born in 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am a Fine Arts teacher specialized in scenography and painting; I graduated from the Fine Arts College at UNLP in 2015. Besides, I got a master\’s degree in living arts from the University of Seville in 2019. I worked as an art director and a costume designer for independent film projects and theater productions. My personal work currently deals with artistic production, scenography, drawing and diverse and interdisciplinary processes.In the last years, I have been part of exhibits, presentations, festivals and artistic residences in several places in Argentina and other countries. Some of them are: ‘Forma y Sustancia’ Performance International Festival in Costa Rica; ‘Videodance Festival’ in Brazil; ‘Tudanzas’ Festival in Barcelona in Spain; ‘Art Basel Cities’ in Buenos Aires; ‘Vitrine01’ in Germany; ‘Imaginarius Festival, ‘Festival Internacional de Teatro de Rua’ in Portugal; ‘Confluencias’ Festival in Argentina; ‘Circuitos’ in Spain, among others.