Aliakbar Khodashenas (Aliakbar khodashenas, Iran): SANAN

  • 26 Sept 2021 5pm UTC
  • dur 63min

Sanan Theater Sanan is written, designed and directed based on a poem by the great Iranian poet Attar Neyshabouri from the book Mantiq al-Tair by Ali Akbar Khodashenas It is the story of an ascetic and spiritual old man who lives in the city of Mecca. To find the answer to this question, he goes to Rome and in that city he meets a Christian girl and falls in love with her with all his being, and the girl makes strange conditions for marrying him, which are completely forbidden in Islam, such as becoming a Christian, prostrating on Girl, drinking wine, living with pigs …. The spiritual man does all these things to get the girl, but the girl gives him a negative answer and the old man lives only with the love of that girl. At this time, the disciples of this spiritual old man are praying in the Kaaba (I\’tikaaf means that people gather in a place and do not leave that place until they get what they want.) He sees God and before that he was only a seemingly religious man The old man realizes the wrong deeds and this love is endless and repents of the deeds he has done and moves towards his house where God goes to the Christian girl and blames her for her bad deeds and tells her that true love, ie Knowing God with all your being and things like religion and status is not important in a true love and from earthly love to true love that is God can be reached. The general meaning of the story is that the religion and age of people, nationality and money are not important for a true love and only love between two people is important and this earthly love should be turned into a divine love and through it we should know God better

BIO: Ali Akbar khodashenad With more than 32 years of experience Writer, director, actor, stage designer and theater director Born: 1353 in Mashhad, Iran Holds a DBA (PhD in Theater Directing) from Georgia and the European Union Holds a DBA in Management and Directing :Summary of resume in the form of a title Writer, director and actor of Strangers at the 1987 National Education Festival 3779 Years 67 to 70, the artistic field of the Islamic Propaganda Organization and the members of Malik Ashtar 1988 Year 69 Awarding a commendation for acting for forty nights in the first season of Surah Festival directed by Ahmad Kavari 1990 Year 70 Actor of Ajax show directed by Hadi Memartehrani and several other shows …. 1991 Year 70 Writer and director Gol Man The best theater festival of the year of education 1991 Year 71 Voice actor and puppet show Lee Lee Hozak puppet show directed by Saeed Babaei and several other shows 1992 Year 71 Voice actor and puppet show Chickpea puppet show directed by Ali Akbar Halimi and several other shows 1992 Year 71 Assistant director of three plays with Reza Kamal Alavi, including Cherry Orchard and ….. 1991 to 1993 Year 70-72 and year 74-75 Announcer and voice actor in Radio Khorasan in Asr Bakhir Khorasan program 1991 to 1996 Year 70-72 Critic of theater and journalist of Khorasan newspaper 1990 to 1992 Year 71 Establishment of Dandelion Group and obtaining a written license for theater directing from Mashhad Performing Arts Association 1992 Year 72 Writer, Assistant Director and Actor More than 28 plays directed by Ali Akbar Halimi, Khorasan TV 1993 Year 72-74 of Tehran and presence in the theater theater group and acting in several plays of this group directed by Naser Forough and Abbas Mohebbi Year 75, voice actor of Shiran Pardeh, directed by Ali Akbar Halimi, Fajr Theater Festival, 1996 Year 76 Participated in the Student Theater Festival with the performance of Sanan as a writer and director 1997 Official representative of Iranian culture and art in Kazakhstan 3777 From 2000 to 2004 he was a lecturer at the Kazakh Academy of Performing Arts Representative of Kazakhstan at the Avarad Academy of Music Festival in the United 3779 States From 1985 until now, writer, critic and theater expert with more than hundreds of articles, interviews, reviews, etc. 2006 to 2020 Year 97 Writer, director and actor of Sanan play in the independent campus of Mashhad Theater 2018 Year 97 Making a short film Hello 1-minute film Year 97 Writer, director and actor in the Tokadar show of the Traffic Cultural Center 2018 Year 98 Writer and director of the street play One Piece of Bread 2019 Year 98 Writer and director of the street show Red Line 2019 Year 98 Writer and director of the play Happy Marriage in a traditional format with the presence of Master Javadansafi 2019 From 1997 to 1999, he wrote and directed several plays, including Mehrnameh, directed by .Hossein Haghparast, at the 98th Tehran Festival of Ritual and Traditional Plays, 2018, etc Attendance at the 3rd Turkmen Theater Festival and receiving a special award and an 3737 honorary diploma for directing for the play Sanan … Teacher of the School of Performing Arts, Actor and 3737 Author of the play Tolo at Midnight directed by Elias Asghari at the Persian Gulf 3737 Festival Judge and special guest of the International University Theater Festival in the Czech 3737 Republic Participated in the South African Online Theater Festival, writer and director of the 3737 Sanan play Year 2021 One of the directors of the film sponsored by the Berlin Film Festival to make the first 3737 feature film Year 400 Writer and director of the short film My Moon 2021 Selection of Sanan play as one of the selected plays of the South African International Theater Festival for online play in 2021 And ….