Amir Alamdarzadeh, Mahjoob Mohammadi, Collaborated with Rastaack Art Gallery (Kerman, Iran): (Sorrow)

  • watch: 19th December 2019 at 2:30pm UTC
  • duration: 60min

We, as human, have contracted almost anything to measure anything objective or concrete. For instance for measuring distance we create meter and kilometer etc. we have created an index for virtually every objective representation of the world around us. But the main challenge is that how can we measure inner pain, sorrow, suffering and loss? The performer stands still and does not move or blink. In front of him is another performer sitting at a table, counting his tears. Alongside of them is another table and performer sitting behind it waiting to count audience\’s tears who are willing to come and participate in measuring their sorrow by crying in every manner.

BIO: Amir Alamdarzadeh and Mahjoob Mohammadi are multidisciplinary artists, performance and art scholars born and raised in Kerman, Iran.