Asanda Ruda (Johannesburg, South Africa): Ori’ ( Which is it )

password : r47asanda

  • 23 Sept 2021 10pm UTC
  • dur 8min

Divine haughty reflections of thought. Created in the current state of the pandemic. The unpublished work is a performance art work exploring ideas on social political protest issues in post cultural constitutionnalisation and the imbalance of our democratic differences. My is believe that our naked world alludes our true nature, born naked as we are! to live within the environments that wear us and inspire us.

BIO: Asanda Ruda trained as a dance teacher, Choreographer and performer at MIDM in 2019-2015 then given her talent joined the professional company for 5years touring/performing extensively works by international Choreographers, as well as her own works during her time as a student. she has continued to collaborate and present extraordinary work in the art scene as a freelance performer. In 2020 joined German based foundation, Sacre project by Pina Bouch. ARTIST’S WEBSITE