Bert Serneels (Antwerp, Belgium): DRIFTING DWELLER

  • watch: 29th March 2020 at 12pm UTC
  • Postponed – new time 30th March 11am UTC
  • duration: 15 min

Performance walk as an observer and participant. Calibrating myself as a sensitive research tool in strange days. I am a “Drifting Dweller”.

BIO: Bert Serneels ​(BE °1976) Is an Artistic Researcher ​and a Researching Artist of and in ​urban space​, between performance and ​visual arts​. Currently working on a ​research project about the ​influence of super-diverse realities​ and its ​human interactions​ on ​public space ​and​ visa versa​. I am a Narrative Designer with vast experience in ​theatre production ​and design​, with an architectural background and an urge to go outside and gather what’s in the world. I feel myself a ​story hunter​, walking and mapping urban space and life ​around me, weaving a research web ​for contemporary​ city-life​. My Artistic Research ​is currently dealing with the ​question​: “How to grasp and show the volatile poetry of social interactions in super diverse public space?”