Aloha’ De La Queiroz (Sao Paulo, Brazil): Letters

  • watch: 18th December 2019 at 11pm UTC
  • duration: 4min

Text written by Brazilian writer Dione Carlos. This character I play is Maria Bonita who was a warrion, male – female from the northeastern backlands and is still venerated to this day.

BIO: I AM Aloha’ De La Queiroz, artist, performer, professional model, Dancer, percussionist, make up and costume designer. She is the queen of hairdressers for winning numerous artistic hairstyle Champions hips. Her Performance as a theme is about the female universe, violence against women, femininity, rape, abortion are placed, when triggered. In this vídeo she plays a text about the strength and courage of women, to combat chauvinism represents Maria Bonita, a woman who faced, taboo and chauvinism a icon of the northeastern backwoods. ARTIST’S WEBSITE