Dorte Bjerre Jensen (Frederiksberg, Denmark): INviteME

  • 19 Dec 2021 1pm UTC
  • dur 2 min

INviteME is a participatory performative score that invites us to enhance our awareness, our tactile sensation of our own bodies and space and a sense of a shared experience. It is about how we can explore and change our perception of space, by, in an embodied way, listen, pay attention and create novel connections by taking our time to notice what we are noticing. A part of the score is also to create written notes called text-bodies (Jane Bennet)- these notes are being created out of the communication between the space and our experience of it. The score INviteME is performance art and a shared ritual act on how to be together. It is (roughly) divided up in four parts: arriving by tuning our senses, exploration and creation, receiving, and sharing/reflection. Duration: 60. min. Participants: max 20 Preparation: everybody needs to have the following items ready before unfolding the score: • Pieces of papers (the size of post it or a bit bigger), around 25 pieces (depending on how many you are). • Tape or sticky Tack • A pen (or two) • a glass of water • your mobile phone

BIO: “My art is my activism and my teaching, my teaching is my art and my activism, and I want to keep it moving”. My work is a hybrid between dance, choreography, healing rituals and visual art and is anchored by a persistent and evolving inquiry into negotiation, relation, attention and movement in all of its senses – social, experimental, political, and aesthetic. As an artist I create, direct, and perform, locating my practice beyond commodification as a critical and empowering practice. I hold an M.F.A. from the Danish National School of Performing Arts (the dance department). Currently I am an artist and researcher at Aarhus University, IMC (Interacting Minds Centre) with the art/science collaboration Experimenting, Experiencing, Reflecting (EER), a project between Aarhus University and Olafur Eliasson Studio, Berlin. With EER I am developing Performative scores, exploring how performance art practices may be merged with scientific inquiries to study and prompt reflection upon notions of togetherness, bodily connections to space, collaboration and knowledge transmission. With my work Performative Scores I investigate how scoring as performance art holds a capacity to redefine and craft sensory and transformative journeys that articulate novel forms of aesthetic embodied attention, with an emphasis on interconnectivity, that transform the public space into an artwork. My work has been performed at The Tate Modern London, Trapholt, DOKK1, The Lab Station Copenhagen,, Copenhagen University department of Arts and Cultural Studies and Studio Olafur Eliasson, Thorvaldsens ARTWEEK. I have been researching, practicing and performing the post-modern dance form contacting improvisation for more than 20 years and is deeply interested in its bodily movement capacity and expression, as an art form both in practice and in theory. Additionally, I am a Hatha Yoga teacher, Rosen Method therapist, and Conscious Touch therapist. My publications include “Facilitating Thinking-Touch through Process Philosophy and Contact Improvisation” Thinking Touch in Partnering and Contact Improvisation: philosophy, pedagogy, practice, Editor Malaika Sarco-Thomas: Cambridge Scholar Press 2020. “Kontaktimprovisation.” ”Dans og Kamp” Dans 22. Bevægelse. Koreografi. Performance. Editor Mie Lykke Nielsen: Frydenlund, 2018. And online publications. ARTIST’S WEBSITE