Erika Mayoral (Mexico): Balm

  • 10 Apr 2022 11 pm UTC
  • dur 3 min

Honey has been attributed divine properties since ancient times, therefore honey “deifies” which means that in some way it puts in contact with the divinity, transmitting its most precious attributes. On my birthday, July 28 of the year 2020, I wanted to give myself a gift by bathing myself with honey, taking it as a balm to heal physically but also energetically and despite the reality in the world, I wanted to open myself to new paths. Also, at the same time, I wanted to give me all the love I could in order to confront the global pandemic contingency where was forbidden to touch and hug each other, being able to do the opposite, ant at the same time, satisfying a prevailing a kinesthetic intelligence that myself needs.

Erika Mayoral (Puebla – México, 1975) Erika Mayoral (Mexico). Artist, independent researcher and teacher as well as energetic channeler. She had a Master of Fine Arts at the UNAM’s Arts and Design Faculty (2010-2012) and she degreed with honors. She studied a Bachelor in Marketing at UNITEC (1993-1996). As part of her studies for the M.F.A., Mayoral was invited to make a research residency at the University at Buffalo – State University of New York (U.S.A.) She had taught performance art by workshops, gave lessons of contemporary art and conferences. Since 2001 her art work has been presented at important art festivals, museums, galleries and open spaces in Argentina, China, Colombia, Mexico, Morocco, Spain, United States and Venezuela. In addition, since 2003 up to now, she has been specialized in several Energetic Healing Therapies just like Celestial Healing, Angelic Healing, Bio decoding, the study of Psych genealogy and Subconscious re programming. ARTIST’S WEBSITE