Grant Guy/The Circus of Objects (Winnipeg, Canada): Fan Fan

  • 20 Jun 2021 8pm UTC
  • dur 1 min

Fan Fan is a piece of object/theatre performance. Fan Fan, like the Circus of Objects, is impacted by DADA, Fluxus, Stuart Sherman, pataphysics and Ernie Kovacs. Fan Fan also represents the Circus of Objects championing of cheap art.

BIO: Grant Guy is a Winnipeg, Canada artist. He was the artistic director of SHARED STAGE and ADHERE+DENY and currently leads the Circus of Objects, a live venue. His work has appeared in galleries, theatres and cinematheques in Canada, the United States and France. He was the recipent of the Manitoba Arts Council\’s Award of Distinction (2004) and the Winnipeg Arts Council\’s Making A Difference Award (2015).