Isabella Uliasz (Alfred, NY USA): reflecting the glitch

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 6pm UTC
  • duration: 30min

My performance would involve an investigation of material/electronic space through the use of movement (of my body and my materials), reflections, and strategic glitching of technology. The purpose of this investigation is to occupy the space of the glitch and decode its architecture. I am interested in exploring a physical relationship to digital events, and the mysterious glitch is a phenomenon that I choose to use as a moment of pause, to ask myself and the viewer to consider what is still, what is moving, and whether what we see is real or imagined. The performance would take place outdoors in collaboration with the natural environment.

BIO: I am a multidisciplinary artist and graduate student currently studying in the Electronic Integrated Arts program at Alfred University. My work incorporates bodily movement and material processes with electronic technologies and aesthetics. Thematic focuses in this practice include investigating the role of personhood in the composition of reality, and understanding the convergence of virtual and material realms. I hold a BFA from the University of Connecticut with a focus in printmaking. ARTIST’S WEBSITE