Janina Totzauer (Munich, Germany): The Harvest

  • watch: 29th March 2020 at 4pm UTC
  • duration: 15 min

I will continously crack open a series of little hollow clay seeds (around 20). Each of them bears a different sprout. Sometimes it looks milk-like, sometimes it could be charcoal, sometimes even dishwashing
liquid. After I cracked open all my little seeds I will mix their fruits in
a bowl and eat it.During the whole performance a pre-recorded audio file with the summary of human inventions (from the flintstone to the Internet) with dates will be reproduced. I experiment with the idea of the post-anthropocene world. With the idea of a seed that we could plant now to harvest in a post-human future… Who ever will harvest it then.

BIO: After her birth in 1988 Janina Totzauer studied Media Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich under Prof Julian Rosefeldt and at the University of Cape Town under Prof Berni Searle. She completed her studies in early 2020 with a graduate of honor and is about to go to Mozambique for further studies and research. ARTIST’S WEBSITE