WATCH LIVE on 8th September 2019 at 2pm UTC
Jazmin Taco with the collaboration of Chloé Wenger for the preparation of the sexy food!

(Bern, CH)

performance live:

The Meow Meow Party

Artistic performance of Jazmin Taco Sunday, September 8, 2019, at 16h Pillar of our societies, essence of our existence, the meal is a event with high symbolic value. He is sharing, he is gathering, he is hospitality. Inscribed in our patriarchal system, it becomes object domination, servitude. A discreet and silent development. The woman is nurturer, reduced to a maternal function, to a gift self. In a church, it is then a sacred character, it is body and blood of Christ. Gift, control and mystification of the body: a strong tension governs its definition. To close the exposure \”The Male *\”, Jazmin Taco then offers us a feline feast: after the cats of Athens it is the turn of the public of the Nave to be fed. \” From 16 years old. Possibility to register by mail or telephone: / + 41 (0) 78 821 16 55. The Nef, Rue Saint-Hubert 17, 2340 Le Noirmont Switzerland

Originally from Ecuador, I have been based in Switzerland since 2001, where I studied Visual Arts at the F+F School of Art and Design in Zürich, Switzerland. After that I have successfully graduated from MA CAP- Master of contemporary arts practice at the Art University of Bern – Switzerland. My work engages with issues around cultural identity and notions of the body beauty, feminism and often draws from my own culturally divided background between Switzerland and Ecuador. Through performance, installation, objects, sculptures and painting I explore the often paradoxical perceptions of my own body as a (hyper-sexualized) woman, foreigner and migrant. Key themes of recent work have been the role of (my own) lack of German language skills in intercultural exchange, and the perception of normative beauty standards (especially in terms of my own plastic surgery-modified body) in relation to notions of national identity and feminism..