Jimena Yengle (Peru): Parabolic Antennas: Collective Project

  • 12 Nov 9 pm UTC
  • dur 17 min

Creative project in which artists from all over the world raise their voices, and answer deep, stealthy and colorful questions. Directed by Jimena Yengle, a multidisciplinary Peruvian artist.

About the testimonial creative process, and conceptions full of life. Antennas Parabolic is the answer to simple but essential questions that arise when we create. Colored by voices from around the world, this project brings together five talented artists from different disciplines, to talk about Art and encourage dialogue.

Jimena Sofia Ramos Yengle Creative, innovative, empathetic and with a deep social interest. Writer of “Roma Enamorada”, artist and actress. She is currently a student of the careers: Psychology and Acting. ARTIST’S WEBSITE