Jordina Ros/ Pere Estadella (Cambrils, Spain): retando a la tierra/challenging the earth

  • watch: 17th August 2020 at 10 am UTC
  • duration: 30 min

Nuestro proceder lastima a todos, hiere a muchos y a nuestra Madre tierra , la destruye, sin importar que cada instante que retamos a la tierra nos destruimos a nosotros mismos…Podemos y queremos encontrar un equilibrio? Proceso de trabajo de la Performance en un entorno natural y con participación del publico asistente Our course hurts everyone, hurts many and our Mother Earth, destroys it, regardless of the fact that every moment we challenge the Earth we destroy ourselves … Can we and do we want to find a balance? Performance work process in a natural environment and with the participation of the attending public

BIO: Jordina ros Actress, artist and director of theater and cinema. . His versatile work ignites different aspects, from dramaturgy to teaching. His work expresses a clear critical, social and cultural vision, working a map of transversalities based on sensory creativity. Pere Estadella Plastic and visual artist, multidisciplinary, actor, performer, teacher and cultural shaker My work is structured in a cohesive structure and direction, which includes the conceptual, procedural, technological, historiographic and cultural aspects, those related to the artistic creation of the plastic and visual order. . This creates a map of transversality in an asset of creativity. ARTIST’S WEBSITE