Justkatzit Dance Theatre (Tel-Aviv, Israel): Can’t Argue with That

  • watch: 25th October 2020 at 8pm UTC
  • duration: 50min

Our relationship with the world and with those around us requires a great deal of effort: we must behave according to cultural codes, be polite, communicative and accessible. These demands come in many forms, sap time and energy and eat away at our authentic selves. Sometimes, all we want to do is scream at someone, deliver a much-needed slap, make another person understand our position and what we want in the most direct way possible. The effort of repressing this desire has a price; it accumulates in our vessels and veins, waiting for the moment (unlikely to come) in which we can give voice to the mounting tension, release it in the most corporeal way possible. Only in the rarest clear moments in which we can see through the clouds of gathering rage are we be able to understand that the most infuriating thing in society is us, the perfect reflection of our self-hatred. The dance-physical-theater piece “Can’t Argue with That” explores relationships between one person and society in which society is actually a reflection of himself. The piece is, in effect, a solo for five identical “I”’s, five different bodies (height, gender, build) with identical facial features (with the help of hyper-realistic silicon masks) such that the group on stage represents society and an individual at once. As the performers’ movement, which is based on precise, sharp, uniform and even mathematical steps, slowly disintegrates into utter chaos, an ironic and humoristic perspective is revealed, perhaps even sad and poignant.

BIO: Anat Katz and Erez Maayan – Creators Anat Katz has worked as a choreographer and multidisciplinary artist since 2004. She studied in the Gaaton Professional Dance Workshop under the artistic direction of Mrs. Yehudit Arnon and received a master’s degree from the Tel Aviv University’s Interdisciplinary Department. She teaches dance and practical theory classes at different schools and training programs for dancers. Her works have been presented in various festivals in Israel (Intimadance, Shades of Dance, Dance Arena, Akko Festival and more) and in the world (Germany, Croatia, Belgium, the United Kingdom and more) and independently. Erez Maayan is a dramaturg, designer and multidisciplinary artist. He is a graduate of the Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein and holds a master’s in biotechnology from the Tel Aviv University. Upon finishing his studies, Maayan turned his attentions to performance. He is currently working on his doctorate in the performance field from the Tel Aviv University. He has acted, created, designed and participated in installations and theater pieces in theaters, festivals and art galleries in Israel (Habima Theater, Orna Porat, the Israel Museum, the Um El Fahm Art Gallery, Akko festival and more) and in the world (Croatia, India, Italy, Romania and more). He has designed costumes and set for productions at Habima Theater, Orna Porat Theater and for drama schools. He teaches and lectures at the Performing Arts Studio founded by Yoram Loewenstein, The Visual Art School, the Kibbutzim College, Haifa University and the Technion. In 2009, Anat Katz and Erez Maayan joined forces and have since created various works that exist on the borders between dance, theater and installation. Their works have been presented in festivals in Israel and abroad. Among their joint creations are JustKatzIt, presented in the Akko Festival 2010, Rose in French and Warrior of Justice from different Intimadance Festivals, Auction #1, Auction #2 and Material Exchangers at the Israel Museum, According to Law and Multi, which were presented at the Tmuna Theater and around Israel. The two were artistic directors of Tmuna Theater’s Intimadance Festival in 2017 and 2018. In addition, they have co-authored articles for Maakaf Magazine. Alongside their joint endeavors, they continue to work in various fields individually.