Kanoko Tamura (Madrid, Spain): Ji-time, myself-

  • watch: 24th October 2020 at 10am UTC
  • duration: 5min

This is a performance video filmed in Madrid, Spain. It is totally original style mixture of several different techiniques which has the influence of butoh (Japanese dance theatre), contemporary dance, and throat singing.  Where am I?  What is time? Why am I here? Who am I? All the answers are inside.

BIO: Kanoko Tamura was born in the dense, crowded metropolis of Tokyo in 1980, while still a child, her family moved to the forests of Nagano where she grew up in a quiet, nature-filled environment. At the age of 18 while studying abroad in Scotland, she was greatly shocked by the huge difference in both the culture and the way of thinking compared with Japan. This was the start of her continued fascination with the world and its cultures, leading her to live in England, New Zealand, Austria, Thailand and Spain. In 2001, she started contemporary dance training in London, England, later continuing her training in Salzburg, Austria. During this time she learned the exsistence of the avant-garde Japanese Butoh dance form through a Slovenian classmate who thought her work bore similarities to the Butoh style. Upon her return to Tokyo a year later, she eventually studied Butoh under Yukio Waguri. Between 2011 and 2015, she lived in Thailand, giving birth to two boys. During this time, her artistic performances were restricted to a small number of video works. She returned to Europe in 2016, moving to Madrid, Spain, where she resumed her career as a performing artist. She learnt throat singing from Enrique Martinez, which she used to then create her own unique style – a combination of throat singing and authentic body expression influenced by contemporary dance and butoh techniques. ARTIST’S WEBSITE