Knowing bodies, moving minds (Ibadan, Nigeria): Agbewe

  • 11 Nov 2022 4 pm UTC
  • dur 45 min

As a performance-based film, AGBEWÉ presents a series of actions, movements and embodiments of energy, philosophy and human realities to make metaphorical statements on the issues of climate change and injustice. The film invites audiences to reimagine ways to reconnect with nature and how psychological interior spaces manifest within the natural world. It further portrays climate change as a universal factor in how the modern world develops and how it unites us into a parallel reality. The performance-based film takes inspiration from a variety of Yoruba indigenous customs, traditional medicine practices since prehistoric times and ancestral methods of healing. The performers capture fleeting ideas of self, simultaneously generating a feeling of sensuality with nature.

Olaleye Aanuoluwapo is a Nigerian visual artist whose works focus on detailing sensual and essence of objects within subjects in a captivating tone. He works with photography, performance and videos.