Laura de Jesús Valadez Márquez (lauvalmar) (Zacatecas, México): Embroidery net

  • 8 Apr 2022 11 pm UTC
  • dur 120 min

The invitation is open to anyone who wants to participate in the performance, especially women who draw or choose an image of the skirt (object to intervene), some even prefer to make their own drawing or phrases, some have even embroidered organs of their own. body trying to transfer its need for health to the transactional object, acts of protest for violent acts towards women, emotional conflicts, etc. some others read poetry, others sing, others give home remedies to cure physical illnesses, others give their experience, strength and hope to comfort the soul.

Embroidery helps to recognize the structures that are subordinating the activities of women, as well as other discriminated groups. Our embroidering practice helps us understand that what we do has no less value, the act of embroidery especially when it is done collectively, helps to think about and build other way of narrating the world. Finding group resilience, through forming networks with others that transmit their experience, strength and hope, to build better health, social, cultural, political, an emotional structures.