Maria Bitka (Opole, Poland): Reflection

  • watch: 26th September 2019 at 9pm UTC
  • duration: 15min

I’m sitting in a dark room at the desk. The only sources of light are – the flashlight in the cell phone (thru with, the transmission will be going) and the light from the projector. The projection is displayed on my hands in with I\’m trying to keep water. The image displayed is, the video of the cellphone and my hand scrawling my profile in social media. In the water I\’m trying to see a reflection of my face – it\’s impossible, also impossible is to carry the water. The water is leaking thru my hand. The title – reflection is pointing different aspects, literally is about reflection of light and water, on the other hand, is about our representation in the social media and reflection on the liquid boundaries between, reality, imagination and our projection of reality.

BIO: I’m an artist born in Poland in 1986 working with performance, installation, and video. I’m an alumna of Art Education on the University of Opole and the alumna of faculty on Intermedia on Fine Art Academy in Kraków, currently on the PhD study in Fine Art Academy in Wrocław. The impulse for my work it’s my personal experience, through which I touch the wider issues. ARTIST’S WEBSITE