Maria Pinn Young Chan (Hong Kong): Listen to the WindYour work

  • 18 Dec 2021 8:30am UTC
  • dur 10min

I uncover a wind chime made of upcycled waste, rubbish and abandoned materials washed up ashore and found scattered and mingled with the mangroves roots and the sands on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. The wind chime has a rooster sitting on its egg with a propeller on  top, with abandoned bottles, children shoes, sunglasses, tooth brushes hanging down below. This was made as a piece of public land art, calling for action to protect our ecology.

I will hold this wind chime above my head and move along a trail outdoor towards the sea and the mangroves to look for a direction to our future. I will move my body in connection with poetry I wrote about the life of the remaining water buffalos on our islands and the making of the wind chime that calls for a reflection on what our hands could do together to construct out of waste, human’s place in ecology and sustainable living.

I explore light as a transformative force and vestiges of hopes in between the sea, the land and the sky, linking us, the city with nature in a common vein. Through searching for the veins of rainbow light, I remain hopeful as we embrace the winds, the uncertainties and challenges and move towards the future of our community and our common environment.


Multidisciplinary and experimental artist, passionate about visual arts, performance, writing, poetry film and land art.

My practice is reflexive and expansive, in the sense that the subject matter I work on relate to my personal encounters and experience in the world; but it also expands outwards to the audience and the wider community by engaging with their personal and social memories and experiences and our place in ecology and nature.

Through interdisciplinary performative work, I hope to reach out to people in different walks of life and engage with actions to take steps towards positive transformative changes at  personal and communal levels.