Müberra Bülbül (Istanbul, Turkey): The Woman

  • watch: 29th June 2020 at 12 pm UTC
  • duration: 40 min

60x80cm Mix technical on canvas 2019

BIO: Müberra Bülbül Academician Artist Born in Istanbul/Turkey, she graduated from the Painting Department of the Fine Arts Department at Marmara University and received her master\’s degree in Graphic Design. She is doing her PhD in Yildiz Technical University, Institute of Social Sciences, Art and Design Department and Istanbul Arel University in Graphic Design. During this period, she opened two personal painting exhibitions, participated in many national and international group exhibitions and participated in symposiums and workshops. She is currently working as a lecturer at a private university in Istanbul and working as a Visual Arts Teacher at Ministry of Education. Since her high school years, she has made various press, advertising, graphic-web designs and continues her painting works actively. The artist uses mythological characters as a symbolic language in her works. Although myths from the past to the present day vary from society to society, they continue in the same way in different cultures and beliefs. The artist has established a connection between past and present and has placed these legends with various archetypes in her works. In her many works she has done canvas works with collage and mixed technique. Recently, she has been writing articles on the development of technology and the importance of artificial intelligence in art and producing works on this subject.