MV Brown (Glasgow, United Kingdom): Vessel

  • watch: 30th June 2020 at 8pm UTC
  • duration: 60 min

MV Brown invites you to join her for an intimate bath time performance, in which flesh becomes soapy malleable matter, and new bodily forms are revealed.

BIO: MV Brown is a visual artist based in Glasgow. Her practice is primarily performance based and utilises the human body, exploring the tensions between embodied subjectivity and the body as spectacle. Her work explores themes of narcissism, voyeurism and exhibitionism through a queer lens; as well as reflecting on the performance of daily life, and how we perform our identities. MV Brown has performed and exhibited internationally including Celine Gallery, Glasgow (2019), Grace Exhibition Space, New York City (2018), Maleki House, London (2018), Venice International Performance Art Week, Italy (2017), and GoMA, Glasgow (2015). She has also recently been on residencies to Cove Park, Argyle and Bute (2019), as well as at Linda Mary Montano’s former studio ‘Art/Life Institute’, in Kingston, New York (2018), and CAMP: Live Art (Both Pronunciations) with Anne Bean, French Pyrenees (2018). MV Brown is a member of artist collective HommAges, alongside Craig Mulholland and Carmel O\’Brien. Their inaugural exhibition ‘Neu Pneumatik!’ was included in Glasgow International (2018). ARTIST’S WEBSITE