Nayana (Moscow, Russia): Instasamka

  • watch: 27th June2020 at 11am UTC
  • duration: 3min

Woman posing in front of the mirror, taking photos. She is getting closer to the mirror and at some point starts to kiss her reflection and then just lick the mirror. From the mirror she accidentally switches to her hand and continues to lick her own body like a cat. While she doing this someone kick a ball of woolen thread and she says \”mur meow\” and jumps after him. This symbolize her transformation into an social-media animal.

BIO: Choreographer, performer Now studying in Moscow Working in theater as choreographer Resident of Stand up dance club Dancer Use contemporary dance, waving, vogue tecnics Intrested in such themes as -influence of social media in self-perception -women objectification -russian self-awareness.