NDMa (Saint-Petersburg, Russia): The Thin Red Line

  • watch: 23rd October 2020 at 12pm UTC
  • duration: 180min

“The thin red line” – according to recent events of COVID-19, Republic of Belarus, Nagorny Karabakh I would like to manifest fragility of our stability, quotidian and civilization in general. Which is expressed in the thin red line that I\’m going to hold out through my city of Saint-Petersburg. 2020 is actively sending the message about humankind pushing boundaries. Somewhere being already below the line. I want to emphasize this situation by such a simple and precise act as drawing the uninterrupted line on the streets of my city.

BIO: Diana Meyerkhold – contemporary russian artist and theatre-maker, who works internationally in a field of politically and socially engaged theatre, experimental performance, participatory, documentary and community-based art, educational and art-activist projects. My practices include directing, performing, actionism, curating, teaching, intervention and researching. ARTIST’S WEBSITE