31st DEC 2016 New Years Performance Art by Sandro Masai (Rio de Jeneiro, BR)

Sandro Masai and friends

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Adeus Ano Velho!

Watch on 31th December 2016 at 00:00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Adeus Ano Velho! Participatory Performance by Sandro Masai and friends Adeus Ano Velho! (Goodbye Old Year!) is a ritualistic and participatory performance that mixes some elements of the Brazilian tradition for the new year’s eve. Most of these rituals are originally from the African Yoruba culture and intended to attract good luck for the New Year. Many Brazilians believe in the power of plants, prayers, colours and even some food to bring luck and health in the year to come. The Brazilians dress white in order to have a peaceful new year, red to have a passionate year, yellow to get money, and so on, each colour is related to a certain phenomenon. After a sequence of rituals, we finally hold hands and sing the “Adeus Ano Velho” song. Adeus ano velho Feliz ano novo Que tudo se realize No ano que vai nascer Muito dinheiro no bolso Saúde pra dar e vender. Goodbye old year Happy new year Let good realizations happen In the new year to come Lots of money in the pocket Enough of health to share

BIO: Sandro Masai is a Brazilian performance artist, multimedia artist and interaction designer who has been living in Denmark since 2007. He holds a Bachelor degree of ‘Art and Technology’ from Aalborg University and a Master degree of ‘Interaction Design’ from Design School Kolding, both in Denmark. He works with interactive artworks and theatrical performances. He often combines the different art forms. He has worked in collaboration with several international artists in many countries, such as Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. His performances include acting in movies, theatre plays, modern dance, butoh dance and performance art. Currently, he is engaged in practice-based researches within ‘art and technology’ and ‘performance studies’ in collaboration with Aalborg University. artist website