Omaro Productions (Paris, France): FANM

  • 19 Jun 2021 6pm UTC
  • dur 3min

“Resemblance is the shadow of differences”
We are our own and very best support system, but there will always be people who understand who we are and what we are about. Sisterhood, brotherhood, friends, family, people from our community, or even strangers… Many have experienced the same struggles or the same joys. Aren’t we all, in the end, merely the same?
FANM means WOMAN in Creole.
There are so many things we must face in this journey called womanhood. In all our commonalities, we are still so different… Yet we can support and empower one another.Our background is different, our stories, our eyes do not say the same things, and we do not express ourselves the same way. But here we are, as one…
With different similarities and similar differences.
Project directed and choreographed by Clara Bélénus.
Dancers: Cassiopée Astasie, Chloé Ata A Njoya, Clara Belenus, Marion Neei
Song: Ramad – Ramoon Production
Direction, images and editing: Carolina Kzan
Assistant: Irene van Zeeland – Omaro Productions

BIO: Omaro Productions was founded in 2018 by Carolina Kzan (Brazil) and Irene van Zeeland (Netherlands). Joining their forces as filmmaker and choreographer they create interdisciplinary work featuring cinema and movement. The work is mostly experimental and addresses global, yet personal, issues in an intimate way.
From the impact of the current political situation in Brazil to a continuing research into the effect of interhuman relationships on our lives and the way our bodies move. The work is characterized by the constant research into the relationship of the body in motion to the movements of the camera. ARTIST’S WEBSITE