ARTISTS 1 Online Performance Art Festival 25 – 28 JUL 2016

Chel Logan

(London, United Kingdom)

Walking in the Air

(Duration 36 sec)

Watch on  25th July at 00 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Whilst on a drift in Chester town Centre there are these old spaces called Rows , and they are a possible micro-stages for minor performances , with no permission and no context. the time some music was playing which i was not aware of at the time , hence the title ..also it was oddly apt!

BIO: I am an artist exploring and responding to the possibility of places , which have an underlying humour or irony. I use my body sculpturally occasionally employing the use of a veil/masque /paint to hide my identity therefore making the body the point of focus via expressive gestural actions. artist website


Angelina Voskopoulou

(Athens, Greece)

skin deep An Hymn to Eros 

(duration 23min)

Watch on  25th July at 7 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Some words overwhelm you like an alien spirit and you surrender…. It\’s the words. Commonplace words making up uncommon sentences, strange words carrying an unutterable weight, words set one after the other so as to create images, feelings, little lights illuminating wide streets. And then there\’s also the magic. That inexplicable magic of some people\’s words that you know to be right upon hearing them, you know them to be yet another key to one of many doors. …

BIO: Born in Athens, Greece on 14th May 1981. I am a graduate (BA with Distinction) in Fine Arts and Technology and I also have a Masters degree in Digital Arts( university of the Arts London). I am teaching at Athens cultural center Art and New Media . I am also the course leader in Digital Arts at iversity (platform for open massive online courses) More over, I am working my own videos, as well as sculptures made from polyester. I am also the Co founder and video artist/director of ‘state of flux’ dance group. On 2010, I was one of the Representative artists in European meeting of young artists, of the European network for town twinning, congress hall National Center of scientific research ‘Democritus’, Athens cultural center. I have shown my work in many art festivals and exhibition spaces worldwide (Greece, Italy, Canada, Sweden, London, USA, Spain, Peru, Argentina, Bulgaria, Morocco). artist website


Patrick Lichty / Second Front

(New York, USA)

The Hansen-Ono Piano Method by patrick Lichty and Bibbe Hansen

(duration 15-30min)

Watch on  25th July at 12 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:“The Hansen-Ono Piano Method” (2010 – ), is an extension of Al Hansen’s historic FLUXUS work “Yoko Ono Piano Drop”, in which Al Hansen dropped a piano off of a building as an action for his colleague, Yoko Ono. In this action, Lichty’s avatar (Man Michinaga) sits at the piano, while rains of pianos come down with cacaphanous results.

BIO: Second Front is the largest and oldest online performance group, begun in 2006. Based on the genres of Dada, Surrealist, and FLUXUS peformance, Second Front has created over 50 events through the world in Second Life, DC Online, World of Warcraft, and Google Docs.  artist website



(Munich, Germany)

Things Inside_02(I came here just for nothing and I went there just for nothing)

(Duration 15 -20 min)

Watch on  25th July at 5 pm UTC

Description: THING INSIDE is a series of performances that relates with daily activities(such as sitting, walking). By concentrating only the act that I do in present moment. It is definitely emotional experiences that there is only me who perceive this in personal mind. On the other hands, during the performances, viewers will also receive their own experience. Firstly they perceive something from the act that I perform by their eyes. And there will be automatically personal analysis in their own mind. It’s not about my act but their own thought coming from their background. I am persuaded that this process of perception is always happen in everybody’s everyday life. “Thing Inside_02”  is a performance which is collaborated with “Durchquert” an installation project which is created by Felipe Rodríguez and Naemi (Kolumbien and German artist) and students from the class Baumschlager.  They created this installation to exhibit in Jahresausstellung 2016 of  The Academy of Fine Arts Munich(ADBK)

BIO: NATTHAPHON CHAIWORAWAT A Thai phographic based visual artist. his works are concentrated in the concept of Self-Portrait that related with personal experiences that he calls “Individual Aesthetic”. Somes of Natthaphon’s works are in the collection of Kiyosato Museum of Photographic Arts, Japan. artist website


Marco Di Nardo / Frantics Dance Company

(Berlin, Germany)


(Duration 37 min)

Watch on  25th July at 10 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Senz is a journey of an human entities, that in the moment of the born everyone begin to be related to the environment. with the believe to be master of theirs destiny e piece take in cosideration the Kant’s theory , that the world is correlative of human knower where the fundamental structure is based on our way of knowing . e way we know and discover the wold is though physical senses! So we focus our attention in this relation between how do we get this information from the environment, and how do we react to them, can we consider the environment as an entities that decide what you wanna feel ? Sometime environment condition’s chance people, state of mind, way to behave an thinking etc.. e question is are we really free human to being free and choose what we wanna feel or, are we simply slave of the reality?

BIO: This experimental dance company was created at the end of 2013 in Berlin. The multicultural group has members from Italy, Spain and Greece and got inspired for the name \”Frantics\” by the spanish word “Frenesí”, which by definition means “a violent exaltation of a feeling or a passion”. Mainly, they are influenced by Bboying (breakdance), contemporary dance, acrobatics, experimental hip hop, martial arts and Gaga. The darkness and beauty of Berlin was a turning point in the creativity of these five dancers. They went from competing as Bboys, to performing in theatres, where they realised the change it had provided them. It actually changed the way they work as well as their vision about the possibilities to reach the audience in a completely different way. Frantics is in a continuous study of movement, fusing improvisation techniques with energetic movements and dance theatre. Its aim is to create strong and shocking experiences for themselves as well as for the public. During the years 2014, 2015 & 2016, some of the members worked with renowned artists and companies as: Johannes Wieland Company (Germany), Sita Ostheimer from Hofesh Schechter (England), Lorca Renoux (France), De Dansers (Holland), Theater Strahl (Germany), Punchdrunk (England), Southpaw Dance Company (England). artist website


Joana Gelazyte

(Oslo, Norway)

Too little, too late

(Duration 11 min)

Watch on  26th July at 5 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: \”Too little, too late\” is a part of PAO@Steilene Festival (Norway)Sunday, July 17th. The theme this year was “Oil Stories” which fits the location of the Steilene islands near Oslo(Norway) which were the site of kerosene, oil and later petroleum factory and storage facility from the 1880ʼs to the 1960ʼs. My performance connected to the theme of oil. Performance relates to the material qualities of oil such as its viscosity, ability to change form, glossy, float on water or be incredibly slippery. My work deals with increasing ecological fragility across the globe. The allusion to the wrong side of the oil, which impossible to avoid. It is a sensitive narrative which based on imagery.

BIO: Joana Gelazyte(1985), Lithuanian performer based in Norway since 2012. She educated from Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts, Lithuania (2005 – 11). 2014 – till now, a member of PAO (Performance Art in Oslo) organization. Joana works with performance, vídeo, photography, installations. I am creating from direct observation, using information that comes from my immediate experience of seeing. It is the life, clarity, and presence of information at the moment that informs my creative process. Watch Sam out of the corner of one’s eye, following, fixing, feeling, experiencing. My personal experiences, dreams, the old Baltic Tribes, Nature roots and people around – nourish creativity. I\’m using my body, the raw materials of nature. artist website


Claudia Fabris

(Naples, Italy)

Our Lady of Balloons

(Duration 60 min)

Watch on  27th July at 9:30 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Our Lady of Balloons walks through the space like a vision, a temporary suspension of everyday life, a tear in the continuum, an impetus upwards, a revelation that the human condition is like a chalice, with the earth under your feet and the sky in your hair, where the earth and the sky blends together in our breath. She challenges the governing gravity with her lightness. If you come across her and you speak to her she will give you the possibility to choose at random one word amongst a hundred, each one bears a different definition from her Small Poetic Dictionary she has been writing for the last three years. 

BIO: Claudia Fabris is born in Padua in 1973. She plans spaces, installations and performances that create relations and synergies between the words and the visions, hearing and taste.Her artistic research finds its fulcrum in the body, involving the audience in different perceptive levels. She strongly believes that Beauty and the silent wonder that Beauty creates can reconnect each man with the intimate and sacred space of his soul where each transformation and rebirth take origin, strength and nourishment.


Vincent Tanguy

( Paris, France)

Character of Characters

(Duration 20 min)

Watch on  27th July at 6 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: This real character, standing in a corner, running or motionless refers to the universe of video games, when the \”bug\” happens. The green in the foreground used for the inlay of possible worlds leaves its place to the universe of the exhibition space, where the white color of the walls and the grey one of the ground, thanks to its neutrality, corresponds to an infinity of potential spaces and characters that may be created. Character Of Characters is therefor a generic character in a generic space. The idea for the festival is to make this live performance, visible from a screen. The screen becomes an object to question our relation between reality and his simulation. The real character runs like a robot at the center of the screen, as in a video game.

BIO: My artistic universe is these forms in a variety of media and practices , both in economic and human sciences than in the work of art , marketing, big data and advanced technologies . In the image of a sphere in which the lines intersect, my achievements and my exhibitions are the result of collisions experiences forming a \”data collision.\”artist website


Sandra Bozic

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Online Performance

(Duration 15 min)

Watch on 27th July at 6:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: PERFORMANCE “Online Performance”  is live performance that goes online directly on digital devises in the whole world at the same time.  It is created by Sandra Bozic with wish and goal to promote the approach and idea of new artistic style-Online performance art . The concept of this new art style is simply to go  live with author performance art. It  gives the  possibility to be watched from anywhere in the world as a live art and piece of art. The first performances “Online Performance” were on 4th June, 27th June and 2nd July 2016.

BIO: Sandra Bozic is freelance performance artist. Her professional work is based on performance art with realization of over 20 author performances all over the world. Her performances  participated in international exhibitions, conferences and performance art festivals in Hannover, Naples, Berlin, Istanbul, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo and Belgrade. She realized several solo exhibitions. artist website



Rebecca Strain

(Buncrana, Ireland)

Chewing over Philosophy in Cultural Theory

(Duration 44min)

Watch on  27th July at 8 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Chewing over Philosophy in Cultural Theory

BIO: Rebecca Strain uses paper as the material and subject of her work. Her artistic practice investigates the creation of the document, the embodiment of paper, the mastication process, and the idea of paper as a symbol for potential and a medium for further intervention. The outcome of this investigation ranges from 2D photographic images, sculptures, installations, films, performance and live art. artist website


Vanessa Nowitzky

(Ashland, OR, USA)

Presence in the Heart

(Duration 45 min)

Watch on  28th July at 2 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Being present with each and every living being she comes across, Vanessa will express the shared moment-by-moment emotional state in improvised singdance form for 45 minutes. In downtown Ashland, where Vanessa grew up and lives.

BIO: Vanessa Nowitzky is the innovator of singdancing, a technique whereby movement affects vocalization to form melodic potentials which the ear can specify. Vanessa has been working on singdancing for 20 years and is seeking an endowment to train an ensemble of performers to make A Singdancing Company. This company will highlight the multiple environmental crises caused by human overpopulation and overconsumption. Vanessa has performed with the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Rogue Opera, Jefferson Baroque Orchestra, Actors\’ Theatre of Ashland, Randall Theater, and Dancing People Company. She choreographed the Fantasticks for Theater Convivio. She composed several choral works and three musicals, including one by commission for an animation. A longterm raw vegan, her singdance short \”Street Deer\”, about the deer who frequent Ashland\’s streets, was aired in the 2014 Ashland Independent Film Festival. artist website


Veronika Nicolaeva

(Moscow, Russia)

«Info fatale»

(Duration 40min)

Watch on  28th July at 12 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Time of information. Publications, various channels of broadcasting, the Internet. Today, the main wealth is a necessary and timely information. The main value-not man. human context. All information, which he owns, which he represents. Information-rock lady who brings a new level of lead on the desired path and can deliver as a lie its reverse side. We absorb information on a daily basis, we bathe in it, we are looking for it, we flaunt it. We want to be more verbose and multifaceted. We are what we read and what we say. Headings. Interview. Articles. Photo. Letters. The words. Letters. The words. Man voluntarily involve themselves in the flow of information and gets it. Neither the depth of the person, nor the emotions, nor the priorities of only desired information at this stage. Author glue spreads newspapers on the wall, it makes an information poster, as the association from the site, which has information blocks. After a while he gets back to the wall, comparing in a plane with newspapers. He begins paste spreads newspapers themselves zamurovyvaya your body. During the performance, the audience may participate. The output of-the-art facility, shapeless, unrecognizable, but clearly read the headlines in the newspapers and this information. Aesthetics and the need for a living possession. The main thing is lying on the surface of the information.

BIO: Born in Saratov (Russia) to the evil of the Divine-an artistic family. Draw the start very early. Exhibition activity since 1985, including as part of the «Yellow Mountain», Saratov. Since 1993 years- participated in exhibitions at the fairgrounds with the creative team. Individual projects, performances with theater groups. theater show project for the casino «Conti», the development of scenography. Works in the field of book and magazine illustrations. (Publishing house «Young Petersburg» organization «Creative Union of Youth», publishing house «Peter», magazine «World Internet», «BYTE»). Working in design studios and publishing houses in St. Petersburg and Moscow as a graphic designer. Participation in the International Biennial of Graphic Design and illustration competitions. It was rated the best designers of Russia in 2009. «TOP – 100» Participation in exhibitions as part of the abstract section of the Russian Union of Artists and individually. Publications work in international art magazines and catalogs on contemporary art in Russia, Czech Republic, Germany, Greece, the USA and Great Britain. Playing cards, developed from concept to design, are in the collection of the Museum of Maps in Peterhof and private collections and virtual museums around the world. Her paintings are in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Germany, UK. Author of a number of performances and club shows. artist website


Sandro Masai

(Aalborg, Denmark)


(Duration 20min)

Watch on  28th July at 3 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The African mythology Yoruba, among others, worships deities that represent the forces of Nature. These deities in the Yoruba mythology are called orishas. Oxóssi is the orisha of the forest, the god of hunting, wealth and justice, who also loves art and beautiful things. Oxóssi (the performance) is a site-specific audio-visual performance that invites the audience to participate in a ritualistic experience to worship Nature itself.

BIO: Sandro Masai is a Brazilian performance artist and multimedia artist, who has been living in Denmark since 2007. He works often with interactive artworks and theatrical performances, mainly modern dance, physical theatre and butoh dance. He has worked in collaboration with several international artists in many countries, such as Brazil, England, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. artist website


Jack Bernal

(Barcelona, Spain)


(Duration 15 min)

Watch on  28th July at 3:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION:The man-eating is about food.It’s a criticism of a way of eating, to a food ignorance in a supercharged society,canned food empty ofnutrientsand so many confusing diets that cause eating disorders. The performance is located in a space with a neutral background and medium close-up scene of the individual. The performer uses his body , his identity to launch and rub food , tasting and eating different types of food. Creating moods like anxiety or pleasure , gluttony , happiness or feeling guilt . This interest in the subject is born from my own experience in a discovery of a new way of eating being more aware of the importance of what we eat for our health and misinformation out there about this topic.

BIO: Dance and interpretation were things that came to me first as I thought what I wanted to be when I was older. I understand dance as a means of personal development, knowledge and discipline that has allowed me to tell my story through what I move, what I walk, what I choreograph, what I look… Without identity and with a great curiosity, on the journey I came across Photography. I believe in it as a tool for reflection and creativity, to provoke thought and which I’m interested in working the movement, body, nature, identity and emotions. My inability to define me with words led me to recognize me in images, frames, steps, words and poems. My self-portraits sometimes reflect things from me that I am unaware of and allowing me to discover myself better, filling gaps and learning things about me through the inspiration of others as well. My discretion, isolating feelings of a sick way has been partial and gradually blurring in time to left a little of me captured in each personal project. All these elements and more that have led me to the exploration of Action Art and Artistic Performance. With a critical character towards themes that turn me, some intimate/biographical character other more social. Combining Photography and Action Art in different variants, I create a Photo-performance. Using the body itself that becomes the artistic medium of my experiences and that I want to provoke thinking and the search for new aesthetic and conceptual concepts. artist website


Monica Nanjunda

(Bangalore ,India)


(Duration 10min)

Watch on  28th July at 4:30 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: My proposal took form while pondering over my answer to this question: What is it that makes us chase what we prioritize as the needful? Passion. What is that passion? What are the things I have a passion for? Truth maybe. Forgiveness maybe. That is a cliché. What is Truth? Reality. What is reality? Reality and Truth, are they the same? To me, reality is the means through which I am able to conclude a truth. Answer to the later question is, no. \’You remember too much, my mother said to me recently. Why hold on to all that? And I said Where can I put it down? She shifted to a question about airports.\’ – Anne Carson, \”The Glass Essay\” from Glass, Irony and God. Performance art in particular, has been a life saver for me. Gas lighted, bullied, discriminated, by my mother, ever since I can remember, it has been a struggle to unlearn a lot of things, since I came across a completely new reality as an adult. It is a strained relationship even now. Forgiving a parent when they refuse to accept the pain caused and damage done is a difficult endeavor. Going back into the past in my memory and digging for the reality and trying to find the truth became a routine that I do not even remember since when. It is terribly arduous and tiring. I intend to give this mental routine a physical form and so will carry a sack of rice (5 kilo grams maybe) with me, on my lap while I sit on the floor counting the rice grains. It is a conscious decision to keep the work minimalistic.

BIO: Academic Credentials: Masters in Fine Arts (Art History & Visual Studies) 2014 SN School of Arts and Communication (University of Hyderabad) Masters in Fine Arts (Sculpture), 2010 College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Bangalore University) Bachelors in Visual Arts (Painting), 2008 College of Fine Arts, Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath (Bangalore University) Specialization – Painting and Art history. Group Exhibitions and Work experience: 2016 January, participated in Kolkata Performance art festival, held in Kolkata. 2014 June, One among the 8 artists, selected for Khoj PEERS share program, held at KHOJ New Delhi. 2014 June, invited to perform in the Basavanagudi Live Art Project (Reliving Past, Present and Future), an Artist Initiative by Dimple B Shah funded by India Foundation for Arts through Project 560. 2011 ‘Live Art Bangalore 2011’, an International performance art festival organised by Smitha Cariappa


Dragan Strunjaš

(Belgrade, Serbia)

Up the City

(Duration 30 min)

Watch on  28th July at 5:20pm UTC (rescheduled from before)

DESCRIPTION: Performance researches the effect of solitude in the modern world where everything and everyone is seemingly available. In this world the artist feels isolated and sees the city as nature. Up the City examines relations between a single person, individual and society, individual and the city, nature and urban landscape. Can the city be our faithful companion?

BIO: Dragan Strunjas is architect from Belgrade. He focuses on contemporary issues of cities and society, their mutual interaction and visually researches different possibilities of architecture, its presentation and effects to people. Among other  participated Month of Performance Art Berlin, Alto fest Napoli, B Tour Berlin, Faki Zagreb, Walk with the Artist Belgrade. artist website


Jelena Jezdovic and Katarina Markovic

(Belgrade, Serbia)

searching for soul

(Duration 3 min)

Watch on  28th July at 8 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The performance was created and inspired by international arts residency program in Berlin in May 2016 and then performed in changed form at Devet festival in June 2016 in Belgrade. This performance is research on how the personal and social history intervene and overlap and how this affects our personality and body. It also explore issues of boundaries of the body and intention to get to know our own soul, stepping out of the frame imposed by our systems . Though originally created as two separate performances, in further development of its was merged into one entity because beside the common topic that are linking them also there is strong link of performers that in personal and historical context in some places intersect and intertwine on the other completely separate. These two performers explore themselves, their relationship, and the relationship of self, surroundings and nature.

BIO: Performers working together over 7 years. Jelena Jezdović, 1979, performer, anthropologist, theatre trainer, director, REACH founder, project manager, member of Plavo theatre Studio–Contemporary Theatre Laboratory. Katarina Marković, 1974, MA Philologist, Performer and Actress, Member of Studioof Plavo theatre-Contemporary theatre laboratory and Studio 9 Master Program.


José Arispe

(La Paz, Bolivia)


(Duration 20 min)

Watch on  28th July at 10 pm UTC


BIO: José Arispe (1985, La Paz, Bolivia) Visual artist. He works with photography, video and performance. This year, José was selected to participate at the Cyprus International Performance Art Festival 2016, to create a new collective live action with 10 more artists in Mitsero. Also, this year he is part of the exhibition in Bolivia LIVING WELL organized by Goethe Institut, touring countries of Latinamerica and finally Berlin. In 2015 he was one of the winners of “Bolivian Emerging Artist Award” in London, having as jury Senior Director of Saatchi Gallery. In 2013 he was overall winner in Premio IILA-FOTOGRAFIA, granting him the chance to exhibit in FOTOGRAFIA – FESTIVAL INTERNAZIONALE DI ROMA and a residency in Rome. He got the 1st prize in YOUNG ART contest (2012) organized by AECID in Bolivia. His work has participated in collective exhibitions in USA, Spain, UK and Italy. He studied Filmmaking at Universidad Católica Boliviana. artist website


Paola Daniele and Konstantin Lunarine

(Paris, France)

Hic est sanguis meus / The blood of women

(Duration 25 min)

Watch on  28th July at 9 pm UTC – rescheduled to 11:30pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The menstrual cycle, still considered the symbol of women impurity and therefore the element of gender discrimination, has become in modern times a sign of feminine identity, and the banner of the feminist movements struggle. So much so that a strand of contemporary women’s literature is defined by critics with the epithet “menstrual.” A woman link to her blood extends over almost all of her life, governs the fate of her femininity, the fate of her motherhood. This blood cycle rises and falls like the faces of the moon, fluctuates like the tides, the seasons, the harvests. Every man is born from a bloody womb. The blood of women terrorizes, fascinates, disgusts, moves. The blood of life, the bloodof sex, the blood of death. Because the sight of this blood doens’t reference ideas of death and impurity, in the works of HESM you always meet the elements of nature, such as flowers and fruits, which evoke anatomy, eroticism, passion … Menstrual blood should be a positive symbol, not one  of shame. This is why I tell this story, poetically, ironically, explicitally, never provocativly, just for the sake of it. A pentagram of white flowers becomes tinged with red revolutionary blood, symbol of life the menstrual blood is not a curse, but a resource! Let us break the taboo! Body: Paola Daniele Live electronic music: Konstantin Lunarine
BIO: Paola Daniele born in Cosenza (South of Italy) November 7th 1976. He trained as a contemporary dancer, Nikolais technique, and is perfected through master classes and seminars with various teachers and choreographers, including Raffaella Giordano, Alain Platel, Domique and Francoise Dupuy, Eugenio Barba. He studied vocal emission techniques with Chiara Guidi, Societas Raffaello Sanzio in Italy, and with Enrique Pardo and Linda Wise, the Centre Roy Hart Theatre International in France. Since 2010 he lives in Paris and is the author of dance-theater projects, performances and visual arts. Attracted and inspired always been feminine universe, fascinated by the human body and its multiple identities and forms, from 2013 conducts research on women’s blood. He founded the collective Hic Est Sanguis Meus – This is my blood, feminist manifesto – bringing together diverse artists of different nationalities who work on – and inspired by – the theme of the menstrual blood. His performative acts are violence of love, writes the critical Massimo Schiavoni: “Exhibiting is to put on display, offering the sight but also to take a risk and, not least, comment, interpret. Here the body is the object of all these meanings being first given in its originality, in his goodness and vulnerability, in its immense communicability. Paola Daniele performs a powerful physical exposure as a natural and symbolic nakedness. Bearer of an organic-physical sexuality with great visual impact, it touches intimate chords and secular at the same time … it shows a kind of initialization ritual expanded, expanded, as if by his own blood arises the purifying energy which summarizes two aspects: the protective-saving and the terrifying. Aspects of their life, through a nudity “soiled” by the blood-red, gives birth to loving empathy, passionate, almost erotic, accentuated by the color that means danger and violence but also the strength and courage of Mars “.             Konstantin Lunarine was born in Kiev in Ukraine in 1977. Videographer, photographer, performer and electronic musician. He went to Europe when he was 20 years old, and never came back. Since then he has lived in Vienna, New York, Copenhagen, Berlin, before settling in Paris. Images are his main interest, but with time they have started to move and sound; and Konstantin entered into collaboration with sound artists and dancers to create interdisciplinary and living works. artist website / artist website


Luke Mannarino

( New York, United States of America)

Pull Yourself Together

(Duration 60 min)


DESCRIPTION: This performance aims to use endurance to manifest the internal struggle faced when trying to overcome depressive behaviors. The artist will be placed in between 2 boxes each weighing 75 lbs. (half the body weight of the artist) placed at separate sides of the room. The weight of the boxes consists of an accumulation of personal objects belonging to the artist, and each box will be attached to a single arm by rope. The artists will slowly pull each box closer to themselves, calling out \”pull yourself together\” with each motion. If a box falls over or breaks, the artist must fix it and place it back to the start, beginning the process again. The action will continue until the artist has brought both boxes to the middle.

BIO: Luke Mannarino is an interdisciplinary artist currently based in Bronx, NY. Although performance art is his primary practice, video art and installation is also often used in his practice. He has shown work nationally and internationally at spaces such as Mobius Inc. in Boston MA, Panoply Performance Laboratory in Brooklyn NY, Defibrillator Gallery in Chicago IL, and Favara Sicily. His work uses performance to confront issues such as trauma, identity, and the way human connection is changing with the introduction of technology. His performance work becomes a space of processing personal experiences with the goals of opening a dialogue among audience members and creating a shared space. Luke has also been a guest lecturer at the TransCultural Exchange, a biennial art conference held at Boston University, and at the Flesh Crisis Symposium in Kansas City, MO. artist website