opaf10_Mengting Zhuo & Yujing Yan

Mengting Zhuo & Yujing Yan (London, United Kingdom): TOGETHER with Iris
  • duration: 30 min
  • watch: 8th December 2018 at 8pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: TOGETHER is an interactive performance exploring the loneliness behind our mediated reality, by bringing the audience in a semi-fictional ‘live broadcast room’ and engaging them with interactive devices. Taking its form and inspiration from the trending online broadcasting (as seen on Periscope for instance), TOGETHER touches upon the performative behaviours in a mediated society, the technologies that satisfy voyeurism and enhance solitude, and audience interaction and manipulation.
As a site-specific special version for the 10th Online Performance Art Festival, we will present TOGETHER with Iris, a intimate and participatory performance taking place at London Eye.

BIO: Mengting Zhuo is a director and a performer. She has made work for theatres, galleries and other spaces, including streets, a bar, and a residential flat. Her work has been performed/exhibited in international contexts including Migration Matters Festival (Sheffield), Sprint Festival (London), China Shanghai International Arts Festival (Shanghai), Beijing ONE Festival (Beijing), Celeste Prize final exhibition (London), Arnolfini (Bristol). A Celeste Prize finalist 2016. She is also a freelance writer and translator.
Yujing Yan is a performer, playwright, and facilitator from Beijing and she is currently studying MA in Applied Theatre at Goldsmiths, University of London. She graduated from the Department of Dramatic Literature, The Central Academy of Drama. Her works include animation scripts, screenplays for television and plays for children’s theatre. She is also an acapella singer and a self-taught illustrator. Yujing Yan and Mengting Zhuo started collaborating since summer 2015 and founded the performance collective Factory Irregular in 2016.