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7pm UTC


2:45PM UTC


Sandra Božić (Belgrade, Serbia): Statue
  • duration: 10 min
  • watch: 7th December 2018 at 2:45pm 7pm and 2am UTC
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DESCRIPTION: Visual performance made to show meaning of presence of all statues in the world as one of the oldest things in the world that had been made.

Made to share…:

Emotions from every day life and for every day life.

Emotions and presents of people in its everyday life situations.

Emotions and time that are connected to the each specific space or palace.

Emotions and philosophy like no science or history can.

BIO: Sandra Bozic is freelance performance artist and architect born in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. Her professional work is based on performance art, art projects and architectural projects that are inspired by everyday life and life at all, until very small details of it. With realization of over 30 author performances all over the world. Her performances participated in international exhibitions, conferences and performance art festivals in Hanover, Naples, Berlin, Istanbul, Gothenburg, Zagreb, Mostar, Sarajevo, Belgrade. She realized several solo exhibitions. She was a jury member of exhibitions and festivals international and local. ARTIST’S WEBSITEsandra-bozic