Chel Logan (Yorkshire, UK): The Town Cryer

  • watch: 7th July 2019 at 9pm UTC
  • duration: 30min

In York in the north . where I live there was a man whom dressed up  and
told the news of the day shouting at the top of his voice in the city
square . My performance will be based upon this but subverting the idea to make it personal to me the artist . The “town” will be my abode of memories of those dear to me . I shall have the simple prop of a bag of onions and on each one I will write the name of someone I am thinking about and then proceed to peel the onion. I will show the name to the camera but I will remain mute . I am questioning the notion of tears and what they mean , are they real ? crocodiles droplets? or is it brought on by the bulbs illuminating my thoughts . I confront loss , joy , missing and love. I usually work with a mask but I aim to carry this performance without one to make it more personal and giving myself nothing to hide behind. I intend to make it as raw as possible.