BBB_ (Offenbach, Germany)
id rather be an iphone (duration 35 min)
Watch: 16th May 2017 at 8pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: show/performance: id rather be an iphone. Performance directed for the album release show, presents both artists as mediums between so-called digital and physical realities, involving subjects like trans-post-humanism, body enhancement, AI and its emotionality and irrationality, biotechnology and robotics, and “the future” that already happened. In this multi-layered performance artists mediate their visions with live-synthesized voice, own emojis, visual poetry and their intense physical presence. In sometimes dystopian atmosphere, through experimental sound, intense electronic music and spoken word, artists try to confront the spectator with a situation when human and inhuman life forms merge, speculating on various states of mind, relationships and selfperception, altered by socially and emotionally intelligent digital technologies. Show is developed with a team of dedicated artists, including costume designer, stage and performance director.

BIO: BBB_ is a post-digital cross disciplinary project, working on the intersection of music, performance, art, design and contemporary philosophy. It was founded by Alla Poppersoni and Alexander Sahm in early 2015. The project works in live performance and installation format, experiments with digital voices, natural language processing, brain stimulating music and interactive visuals, creating special atmosphere and a scenography for each piece. This work is meant to be a reflection on emotionality and irrationality in a world of global powers, big data and intelligent technologies. With their new performance and also first music album „ID RATHER BE AN IPHONE\”, which was released by saasfee*rec. (DE) in February 2017, BBB_ brings together their previous discoveries and themes under a different music direction, where conceptual lyrics are spoken over rough electronic pop music, and performed in a club/concert format. In 2017 BBB_ releases their first music video „Y“, produced first in China and then in Germany, where project currently resides. Artist Website