OPAF5_Jyothimon Dethan

Jyothimon Dethan (India): Catwalk Part 3 Revealation in Part
  • duration 2 min
  • Watch: 12th August 2017 at 5 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: This art video titled ‘Catwalk -part III Revealation in part ‘ is about my understanding that world is a matrix which can be changed for better of everyone and maybe one day i will change the matrix also through my knowledge of chi energy gained through sexual energy though i donot intend to upload the chi energy video.i am also lucky that i gave gained insight into the matrix by not direct experience but with help of sadhus who have given me this invaluable knowledge.i have muted what i am speaking as it is still revealation in part.this video is the third series of the catwalk video and the second is called catwalk-ii the prenomination


My name is Jyothimon I work as Superintendent in Indian Customs. I am also a sculptor. I have studied art history and sculpture in Faculty of Fine Arts, Vadodara and College of Art Delhi. I think I maybe an avatar as I think I would one day change the world by changing the matrix and this video catwalk is about it.i also believe immortality can be attained .I also practice in conservation of sexual energy and chi energy learnt through books by Mantak Chia.In art,Ibelieve in Picasso’s statement that art is a lie which leads u to the truth. Art concepts I like are Dada, surrealism, magic, time, space, illusion,metaphysics multimedia etc. I like to work with stone too.I also believe in Mata Amritandmayi devi who is my God, mother and guru. ARTIST WEBSITE