OPAF5_Alice Jinno

Alice Jinno (Bologna, Italy): Playback
  • duration 7 min
  • Watch: 12th August 2017 at 6 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Starting as a somatic sound study, The Musical Box is a three part project linked by the intimate relationship beetween movement and music, like a mysterious and unpredictable box which is facing from time to time with different areas of performativity throught the involvement of those who assist. Playback, the first part, appears as a loop installation focused on the phenomenon of synchronized reproduction, understood not as an aesthetic product but as a research instrument to explore a multiplicity of identities. Through the “game” aspect that characterizes the lip-sync mechanisms, it’s possible to transfigurate not only the face but the whole body structure involved to understanding how a physical, physiognomic or dynamic identity can adapt to specific voices without any kind of gender’s, body’s or pronunciation’s limits. The grungy homemade visual effect recalls the sense of intimacy in which anyone can identify themselves. Playback is a game of alterity and experimentation “inside” of so many different bodies which start from a meticulous investigation into the issue of voice: it’s not a mimic aimed to expressiveness and parody but an accurate listening and understanding of the muscles use, the movement’s pulses and the breathing, hopelessly destined to grotesque.

BIO: Born in the 1988, Alice (Jinno) Murtas starts his artistic training as a dancer and performer in Cagliari. Through a self-taught research which combines different styles and performative tendencies acquired in Italy and abroad, she develops a strong expressive language and versatility. Due to an accident, she left dance practice and moved to Bologna where she studied Performance Studies at the University Alma Mater Studiorum and work in promotion, communication and dance and drama critical journalism. In 2017 she graduated in Performing Arts with the research \”Dress Up the Movement – Elements for a Dance Costume Phenomenology and Fashion Connections\”, fascinated by the costume and the performativity of modeling which are parts of her theoretical and physical field of study. Her research focuses on the relationship between emotional body and music, with a special interest about transfiguration and deformation of the body and the study of the playback’s mechanism intended as perception and emotional processing of sound through the playful factor of dubbing and therefore on the otherness of the individual on psychophysical and performance level that follows.