OPAF6_aida adilbekova and Jen Bekova

Aïda Adilbekova and Jen Bekova (Almaty, Kazakhstan): Used

  • Duration: 60 min
  • Watch: 2nd December 2017 at 10am UTC 

DESCRIPTION: Jen and I will be covering each others’ heads with tape the way Egyptians used to cover the mummies. Then the covered one should carefully uncover herself and tape the other one with this exact tape. And so on again and again until the tape will become unusable.

BIO: Aïda – Almaty based aspiring artist and art curator. Graduated from Kazakh National Academy of Arts of T.K.Zhurgenov (2016) in Almaty, Kazakhstan. One semester of “Art History” in Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (2013). Participant of School of Artistic Gesture and Young Artists’ exhibition in the contemporary art festival “ARTBAT FEST” (2016-present). Curator of independent projects like “Nabeg Underground Central Hall” (2016), performative pavilion “Magnum”(2017). Participant of Marilyn Arsem’s workshop and Performance Platform Lublin (2017). Yerkezhan – Almaty based female, 27 y.o.