OPAF8_Cate Imperio

Cate Imperio (Los Angeles, USA): Worldwide Rearrender
  • duration: 60 min
  • watch: 22nd April 2018 at 8 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Cate creates most of her anal artwork using a method call anal drawing. The latter part of the term is dependent upon the medium for the method of creation remains relatively the same: using one’s buttocks as or holding the stylus of choice. She hopes to expand her repertoire of anal mediums to include both pencil drawing and painting. Cate is currently developing a new butt plug that once inserted, will be able to hold styluses of a variety of widths firmly and securely, allowing for transitioning between different writing utensils and brushes at arms length with great facility.

BIO: Life is just one big performance art piece. -Cate Imperio About Me Art Expert and Artist Studied a Double Concentration in Art and Psychology at University of California Santa Barbara Seasoned Performance Artist and Television Host/Interviewer whose work continues to be featured in Gallery Shows up and down the West Coast New Yorker living in California Self-Taught Iguana Trainer and Tamer Creator and Host of The Anal Artist Network. ARTIST NETWORK