OPAF8_Desta Matla

Desta Matla (Groningen, The Netherlands): Hello World
  • duration: 15 min
  • watch: 22nd April 2018 at 2 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: The work “Hello World” is a performance in collaboration with Google Translate. The poem is cited in Dutch, and via speech to text, the sentence is translated and read back to performer and audience. The audience can see exactly how google tries to inscribe this, and is forced to making a decision between listening to a language they do not understand, or try and follow the merits of google translate.

BIO: Currently masterstudent at the Frank Mohr Institute (The Netherlands) direction Media, Art, Design and Technology, Desta Matla  tries to approach language as a material. She positions herself in a love triangle between being a writer, a performer and an artist. Mainly focusing on legibility, playing with being understood and in extent to that, identity politics, she crosses boundaries and works multidisciplinary. ARTIST WEBSITE