OPAF8_Joshua Sailo

Joshua Sailo (Barcelona, Spain): Beneath the Gaze
  • duration: 20 min
  • watch: 21st April 2018 at 2 pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: We have all internalized an external voice that sometimes speaks louder than our intentions, telling us what to do, who to be and how to behave. With an outside eye, we constantly survey the way we present ourselves, masking our identities and putting on a performance for our perceived audience. Beneath the Gaze has been devised through improvisational inquiries into the physical embodiment of emotions, and how characters emerge out of uninhibited emotional expression. What happens if we surrender to our emotions and deviate from society\’s behavioural expectations? How does the community welcome this disturbance? How do we embrace change or reinforce these patterns within our community?

BIO: Joshua Sailo is a choreographer and performer from India who investigates movement through a multidisciplinary lens informed by close collaborations with artists across different disciplines and improvisational studies. He is the founder and director of Sailoway, a dance collective committed to the research and development of live performances that stem from a curiosity in the parallels, juxtapositions and conjunctions that exist within the interaction of different art forms. ARTIST WEBSITE