JOVAart (Gothenburgh, Sweden): EGO
  • duration: 30 min
  • watch: 19th April 2018 at 11 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: Ego is an improvised live-painting performance to random music; creating spontaneously in front of an audience, not preparing myself with any ideas or sketches and seeing what happens at the very moment when the music starts. Who do I become? Which part of me do I want or do I dare to let out? Will the audience be a blockage or a trigger? Is the music an inspiration or a shield? Which part of my ego will take the command this time?

BIO: I’m a multicultural and mixed-media artist settled in Kungsbacka, Sweden. I found my inspiration by sharing experiences with others, taking all sorts of art classes, travelling the world and enjoying family and friends. But inspiration is only ideas in my head until I start doing “it” and getting “it” out of my system through the magic of art. And at the end you may find a painting, an illustration, a sculpture, a live-performance, a film, a photography, a painted sculpture burned up during a video documented live-performance or maybe a live-painting performance. Art has no limits, no borders, no boxes…