OPAF8_K.& A.

K.& A. (Arnhem, NL /Geneva, CH):  DEAD HOURS
  • duration: 2 h 39 min
  • watch: 21st April 2018 at 1:17 am UTC

I was here, you were here. Together we build a bridge between Madrid & Geneva. To dive in the DEAD HOURS, watch the video streams of the two cities simultaneously: 1K. & 1A. , 2 K. & 2A. , 3K. & A. , 4K. & 4A. Or mix the mix to let the time collide.

DESCRIPTION: DEAD HOURS    I know you can sleep anywhere, but during the dead hours you might sleep forever. They are the mixture of danger and joy. They Are damn and shiny. Inserting a sense of division: those who are in, those who are out. Mixing the latitudes and longitudes of two cities, Geneva [3.33 till 5.56] and Madrid [3.17 till 5.47] K. & A. walk the streets to meet the tears of the city. A twin vision to jungle the collisions of these dead hours. We invite you to watch with us, from the safe in In, or walk with us in the out Out. “I am one of the citizens. I am the clock waiting for myself. I am a tear/ a kiss. I am a open/closed door. I am IN/OUT.”    K.& A.

BIO: K.&A. two matches that match A. I am supposed to be a musician, but.. K. I am supposed to be a question mark, but.. Together they form a dazzling duo from no where, that lives now here, where their projects take them now. They share upside down patterns in their minds. They share the ability to fly on the tempo of the whales, to dive on the tempo of the birds, to connect on the tempo of the human. Sun and water are their beating element.. K. & A. develop a large scale of works, killing the single signature. During the year 8102 their projects are realized in the fertile free zones between music, theater, dance, performance and fine arts. Their studio and their stage are urban territories, territories in which borders are alive, appearing and disappearing. They create the tools to blurry the distance in between, to make the void full. They share a risky addiction to notebooks & books, a fascination for marathon performances, and mixing encrypted poetical & political concepts. Close in their blazing way to approach art, they also enjoy daily life, like pickles jumps out of the box. A. / K. has a background in music / theater; she is trained as percussionist / visual artist. Last years she focuses on performative arts from a hybrid perspective, bringing the two fields together in a star collision, as an invitation for people to connect. Together, they work for the future since ever, making powerful collisions between people, environments, thoughts. To make them aware… K.&A. Karla Isidorou (1993, NL/GR)/Alexandra Bellon (1985,FR) ARTISTS WEBSITE