OPAF8_Li Yilei

Li Yilei (London, UK): Sound negotiations: Project 0:00 II
  • duration: 1 h
  • watch: 22nd April 2018 at 11 am UTC

DESCRIPTION: 0:00 is a sound project Li Yilei started in September 2017. She experiments with sound samples collected from the elemental mountains, water, stones, as well as planetary magnetic fields sounds.

The performance Sound Negotiations as part of the project 0:00, recording live sound produced by Li Yilei’s manipulation with various matters/substances/objects, along with synthesizers, cassette tape and vocal performances.

The performance is consists of three stages.
Stage 1: The tranquility of one cup of water
Stage 2: Whirlpool
Stage 3: Palpitation, screams

BIO: Li Yilei is a London based artist.  Her work embodies performances, sound, installation and moving images. She navigates the phenomena of existence through examining the boundary between reality and illusion. In her vision of visual poetry, you experience the transcendentally of instances, the lightness of being, impermanence, triumph and death.