opaf9_Julie and Anna

Julie and Anna (Limerick, Ireland): Two Plovers Sit Alone, Together 
  • duration: 30 min
  • watch: 15th July 2018 at 9pm UTC

DESCRIPTION: Two plovers sit side by side, out of frame. A peanut-baby, called ‘Plauren’, accompanies them. The peanut character is a representation of the respective creators’ inner thoughts and hidden personalities, created by them as quiet and private sixteen year olds, four years ago. It was born out of a desire to unleash their thoughts and quirks, but in a relatively safe and anonymous way.The character, Plauren, acts as an enabler, a form of artistic expression. Appearing as a playful and naive character, Plauren recites ‘statuses’ which flow in an organic, slightly giggly, and unfiltered manner. These can be read as giddy nonsense, or as indirect confessions of the inner workings of its creators. For them, Plauren is both a wildly liberating device, and a shield to hide behind.

BIO: Julie McLoughlin is a Film and Photography student in Limerick School of Art & Design. Anna Blair is an Architecture Student in University of Limerick. They have been best friends for almost a decade and have influenced each other creatively in that way. They are the co-creators of fictional peanut-baby character ‘Plauren Hahnefeld’. Julie and Anna