Peirui Yang (Madrid, Spain): Resistencia inútil/Useless resistance

  • watch: 22nd October 2020 at 9am UTC
  • duration: 3min

The world is violent, we never really achieve peace, human beings in general, and each of us as individuals is always subject to violence. In this work, I want to explain more than the body resists like an instinct. Explore a concept of metaphysics based on the body, using art to express abstract issues such as politics and philosophy. This performance art is based on a project of mine, “Useless Resistance”. Marking the wrist (blood vessel position) continuously is actually a metaphor of self-harm. Most of the victims of violence have thoughts of suicide, but in fact, the violence is still happening and has never stopped.

BIO: Peirui Yang is an interdisciplinary artist and archaeologist. Her research is about archaeology and contemporary art, especially the connection between prehistoric art and contemporary art. As an archaeologist and artist, she is dedicated to exploring artistic creation and academic practice under multiple identities. ARTIST’S WEBSITE