Peter max Lawrence (Buckeye, AZ, USA): Scenes From A Movie That Will Never Get Made

  • changed to 2nd April 2020 at 2am UTC
  • duration: 30 min

The performer will entertain an internet audience for half-an-hour with vignettes from abandoned film projects and various other plot concepts.

BIO: Peter Max Lawrence​ is an artist, filmmaker and poet. Born in Topeka; adopted soon thereafter and raised in Kansas City, Kansas. Over the course of his life, he has created a large and diverse body of work, exploring a wide variety of approaches, media and themes. Lawrence’s visual art, performances and videos have been presented internationally in venues ranging from basement bathrooms to major museums and institutions. He is the curator for The One and Lid Off FIlm Festival as well as developing a slew of collaborations with other musicians, artists and writers. ARTIST’S WEBSITE