Plastic Art Performance Collective (Bucharest, Romania): RETOUCH MY FUTURE

  • 23 Sept 2021 7pm UTC
  • dur 7min

Future has a power named mystery. We will never know for sure what we are going to live, but what we do know are the actions we take in our present, that act like fuel. But rather than using the fuel to burn, we can use it to grow. Fuel means energy. Energy has to be consumed and because every action in this world has a reaction, it means that if we use this energy in order to grow, one day the seeds that we planted will bloom into a better future. One we wanted. // Today’s touch has a great impact on future humanity. Future it’s what we are now. Look at yourself in the mirror and ask: Are my hands touching for the future I want to live?

BIO: PLASTIC Art Performance Collective – young creative team from Bucharest, Romania, that proposes a foray into the world of plastics. We encourage public dialogue and question practices, representations and uses of plastics both on an individual level and within the socially shared space. We want to sound the alarm on plastic pollution and unsustainable consumption. The project proposes a symbolic recycling of the remnants of the globalizing capitalism (as it is felt in the Romanian cultural and social context starting from the ‘90s until now); an x-ray of the distance interposed by the plastic filter of consumption between people and the natural environment. The strong social message is delivered through the production of visual works: an art performance, experimental sound design, video-art, video mapping, conceptual photography, a VR experience. Our aim is to provide a starting point for a fresh cultural look and a an artistic reflection on the internalization of plastic in almost all areas of daily life, probing and questioning the effects of this ubiquity. ARTIST’S WEBSITE