Pupuh Romansa (Pamekasan, Madura, Indonesia): Miss Lover Artefact

  • 10 Apr 2022 10:30 pm UTC
  • dur 7 min

This work is a video work with a departure from the speculative discourse about the first human, namely the prophet Adam as. As a performer, I want to try to bring this narrative into the public sphere. The incident began when the first human had to be sent down on earth in a separate place by his lover, namely Siti Hawa mother. How did the prophet feel over his longing? Can they be held back, and can they convince each other that they will meet at the one promised place? In fact, no media can describe his longing. This is just an image narrative that is speculative by the performer.

My name is Pupuh Hadi Mulya, but I prefer to be called PUPUH ROMANSA. I was born on 13 OCTOBER 1999 in one of the cities on the island of Madura, namely the city of Pamekasan. and now I live in a wonderful country that is Indonesia. Since childhood, I like things that touch creativity and imagination, and I feel that art is perfect for me. starting from drawing, painting, playing traditional and modern musical instruments, dancing, reading poetry, writing, and now I love performing arts. art teaches some guidelines for life, that’s why I still love art. and hopefully all my works can be accepted by other humans and God\’s creatures.