Rashmi Sathe (Lucerne, Switzerland): All you can eat!

The performance questions the current consumption patterns prevalent in the world. Today’s influencers, media and channels are feeding us with information and ideas which are not ideally to be digested. These ideas are exquisitely packaged; they may have hints of reality, but are convoluted for the most part. However, they are savory enough to make them irresistible. Unfortunately, all of us consume what is not supposed to be consumed. I wish to draw this analogy in my performance. The performance is designed to give visual language the utmost importance.

  • watch: 25th October 2020 at 5pm UTC
  • duration: 15min

BIO: I am currently pursuing MA in Fine Arts in HSLU (Hochschule Design und Kunst Luzern). My performative art practice is based on the concepts of myths, rituals, transience and perceptions. Having pursued graduate studies in in fashion apparel design my journey led me to work with designers like Neeta Lulla and Rahul Agasti. Subsequent to my stint in Bollywood I focused on creating fashion illustrations, which have been published in newspapers catalogues and social media portals. I was born in Mumbai one of the busiest and biggest cities in the world. This city inspires me, with its cultural blend of different communities of India and the world alike. I have grown up reading Indian mythology; the mysterious and adventurous tales have always held me captive. I have always been inclined to use multi disciplinary media as an art form, and is research and process based. It is a reflection of Mumbai, assimilating different cultures, people and food; a place and a form bustling with energy and frenetic frenzy yet calm and perfectly composed.